The DBVW associations in charge of drinking water secure
the constant supply of high-quality and hygienically safe drinking water.

Millions of people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Here in Germany, we are lucky to have fresh water flowing out of our taps whenever we want it. And the quality of our water is one of the best in the world. Every day, the DBVW water suppliers work to ensure you receive this outstanding quality.

Drinking water is actually the most regulated foodstuff in Germany and is a sensitive resource to be treasured and protected.

„Water is not a commercial product like any other

defended and treated as such..."

– EG-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie

but, rather, a heritage which must be protected,

The drinking water associations of the DBVW ensure the security of a constant supply of high-quality and safe drinking water in their regions. This includes the extraction and treatment of local water as well as the maintenance of the water-bearing infrastructure, quality controls and the sustainable protection of our water resources.

The work of water suppliers is constantly being adapted to meet the needs of a changing environment.

The drinking water experts meet these challenges by implementing regional and flexible solutions that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable.

The drinking water associations of the DBVW are committed to a comprehensive and sustainable drinking water policy in order to safeguard the supply of clean drinking water – now and in the future.


Every year the DBVW draws up a new information leaflet on water and water levels, called “Wasserstand”.

You can find the latest information leaflet here (in German only). All other information leaflets in German can be found under Publications.