As specialists for clean solutions, experts known as “purifiers”
clean our wastewater thoroughly and sustainably.

Wastewater associations get to work at the point where water becomes effluent. As specialists for clean solutions, these “purifiers” sustainably and thoroughly clean household wastewater and industrial effluent before it flows back into nature in a purified state.

Wastewater associations of the DBVW maintain wastewater treatment plants and safeguard the wastewater infrastructure in line with the highest quality standards. They rely on innovative know-how and the latest technology to protect our environment, rivers and water reserves.

Die Aufklärer

Every year, the DBVW prepares a new information brochure on wastewater and purifying, called “Die Aufklärer” (in German only).

You can find the latest information leaflet here (in German only). All other information leaflets in German can be found under Publications.